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      Richard Slaton

      my match report as ask for by Mr. Wynne
      Well I can check off the E-targets from my bucket list and in doing so give it an A+
      Goals for this match
      1. As always have fun
      2. Shoot a better score than last time
      3. Break the 580 barrier
      4. Try something new
      5 don’t shot the wrong target

      # 1 is always easy at Reece Bottom if you let it be
      #2 my 583 was a new F class high for me
      #3 see #2
      #4 tried a new rear bag set up and I like so far
      #5 I didn’t

      Sighters I normally use 14 at 600 hundred after talking to a few shooter that had shoot the e-targets I decided to try 12, 1st. shot was high and right I came down 1 clicks and left 2 next shot was a high 9 down one more click to 11.5 gave me an X, 4th shot was a 10 so I felt good to go
      1st’ 20 shot string for score:
      1st. string of 10 shots for score produced a mixture of 10’s and 9 for a 94-0X’s’ still slightly right I added one more left click and on the second string of ten resulted in 1 9 and the rest 10’s and X’s for 99 with 3X’s 193 -3X
      2nd 20 for score
      1st. ten produce 1 9 and the rest 10’s with two X’s for another 99
      2nd ten was a repeat for 3rd. 10 shot string of 99 in a row for a 20 shot 198 feeling pretty good at this point!
      3rd. 20 for score
      1st ten I lost focus, totally on me(remember when I said I was feeling pretty good) producing 5 9’s for a 95-2x
      2nd ten a little better with only 3 9’s but a strong finish with the last 3 shots scoring X’s for 97 and 5x’s
      Total 583 12X

      It took 2.5 MOA down to match the target off set. With 3 clicks left windage from where I shot last match (500 yard)( going along with what Michael and Britt posted)
      I’m pretty happy if I shoot an average for the match score. FTR avg. score was 581, open bipod was 587
      For a match avg. score of 584 I shot a 583.
      I really love the e-targets I think as we learn they can produce a lot of useful data
      I agree on the small light to see turrets( going along with what Surrell and Michael posted)
      I’m a work in progress but I’m learning a little every match
      Thanks for letting me apart of the Reece Bottom fam
      Note to self next month don’t forget the Brownies

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