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      Richard Slaton

      Well I drove 3 hrs. Going in the rain and about half of the trip home was in the rain and it was worth every min. of it. Really had a great time shooting steel at Steve’s! When got about 20 miles from Steve’s I could see a little break in the clouds. By the time I got to Steve’s it was barely sprinkling and by the time we had coffee and smoke sausage biscuit the rain had pretty much stopped and the match was started.
      Not really sure how many shooter’s there were and a few were shooters I didn’t know but a nice group of guy’s for sure.
      Challenges of the match:
      1. I told my wife one of the obstacles of this match because of having to switch back and forth on sight settings (dope) that could be multiple full turns of the turrets that before the day were out someone would get a full turn off. Well I heard one shooter fess up and I sure on the way home others may have come to that conclusion that it happen to them.
      2. With shooter rotating their turn at the table when you’re the shooter your kinda like Texas “all eyes are upon you”

      The Match: scored as hit or miss
      Table 1 3 targets @597 and 2 targets @919 that start big and get smaller 2 shots at each target
      The wind was left to right and at 597 I could favor the left edge of the targets and this lead to going 6/6 @597 but this did not work @919 note to self I should had added two click s left went 0/4 @919
      For a total of 6/10

      Table 2 was right beside table 1 and the same wind read so I went ahead and added those 2 clicks
      3 targets @535 and 2 targets @ 692 again target s get smaller left to right 2 shot each
      I went 6/6 @535 and 3/4 @692 holding dead center thanks to adding the 2 clicks
      For a total of 9/10

      Table 3 was on the other end of the house but basically still the same wind read so I left the 2 clicks in
      3 targets @381 and 2 at 512 with both big and little targets
      This was my best table going clean 6/6 @381 and 4/4 @512
      For a total of 10/10

      Prone 4 and this is where I met my waterloo
      3 targets @672 and 2 @969
      I got plenty of excuses form the sun in my eyes to pain in my neck but who wants to hear it LOL
      I went 2/6@672 and 0/4 @969
      For total of 2/10
      Final score of 27/40 which is about 67.5 % I think Steve said most finished under 50% hits.
      Bottom line I went 27 of 31 under 700 yards and 0 of 8 @over 900
      Normally the ride home I evaluate my performance. This trip home was spent talking to my daughter, trying to keep up with football and dealing with the rain. Late Last night I had some time to replay the match in my mind and I have a plan to correct some mistake I made mainly at 900+
      This was a fun Match and challenging and afterwards we had a little chat time to disgust how we could make it better.
      I’m really hoping Steve will do it AGAIN!
      Like Steve said his range is a work in progress but after I got the $2 tour around the property I can see a lot of fun times ahead
      Thanks Steve.

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      Steve Gilley

      Thanks Richard. Great shooting on your part. We will do it again!

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