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      Richard Slaton

      My match report as ask for by Mr. Wynne
      Last week I was thinking “bench rest @600 using e-targets” for the 1st. time I will be able to see scoring rings on my sighter shots not just hits on a plate(can’t see most hit on paper @600). I’m thinking I should be able to center my group along with everyone else and by the fourth target the gunny pot is going to be a shoot out. BOY WAS I WRONG for me at least. Ten’s and x’s for me was few and far between. If I added a click left I hit left of the 10 take out the click and yep right of ten! And yep I guess if my scope was 1/8 per click it would have be just right LOL or use “Kentucky Windage”maybe. AS far as the Gunny pot Target I had Zero X’son the Gunny target looking at the score sheet I think fewer people had X’s on that target than any other target. Mr Wynne did have 3 but took home ZERO Ben had one and took home the money. Again just when you think you have it figured out Boy were you wrong.
      Goals for this match
      1. As always have fun
      2. Shoot a better score/Group than last time
      3. Avg. under .75 MOA for the match
      4. Shoot a .5 MOA target
      5 Don’t shoot the wrong target

      # 1 is always easy at Reece Bottom if you let it be
      #2 compared to last 600 BR match My score was a lot lower But my group were a lot smaller so Wash
      #3 My Match avg. was .65 very happy
      #4 target #2 3.04” = .51 MOA close enough
      #5 I didn’t

      I shot 31 rounds 20 for score and 11 for sighters most of the sighters on 1st. two targets. I started with what worked for the e-target F class match last month 11.5. ended up using 11.75 with two clicks left windage on 1st. two targets last two targets back to 11.5 and just one click left windage. Like stated above my groups were all around the 10 ring but never centered. My 1st. target group was the largest @ 4.89” with #2 the smallest @3.04 with 3 and 4 coming IN @ 3.76 and 3.78 which gave me the 2nd smallest in open Bipod @ 3.86” which I was very happy with my scores eat my lunch and dropped me to third But still a happy camper. I’m a work in progress and enjoying each step of learning the game

      I really like the” you got 5 mins total for sighters and shoot for score”. It gives the shooter the option of which is more important getting dialed in or taking your time for score.
      I really love the E-target I think Mr. Wynne made a wise choice! Thanks for the time and money you have invested So people like me can have fun.


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      brett collins

      #1 is what it’s all about with out that the rest is impossible. reesebottom makes that part come easy.

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