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      Richard Slaton

      My August match report
      No rain but plenty of heat not just from the sun but the shooter were hot too I think most shooter had a very good match! I know I did, some really great scores. Between the Reece bottom always a chance of rain and the blazing sun the new “shed” has earned it keep and the E- targets has made F class fun to shoot.
      My goals for this match
      As always #1 is have fun and like Brett says at Reece Bottom that easy
      #2 like most that have never done it shoot a clean relay -close but no cigar 198
      #3 try something new – I shot resting my arm on a bag –I like it I think it help me have a more consistent grip
      #4 NO 8’s – check
      #5 use “Kentucky windage more – I did and I think it worked pretty well

      The match:
      Relay #1
      It took 6 sighter shots to get me where I wanted to be. My elevation was fine using the same setting as last time but took a full MOA left windage from what I used at 600 at Selma couple weeks ago.
      198 – 6X the 2 nines came on the 1st. 10 shot string and nothing but 10’s and X’s on the next 10 shot string let me know the gun was there

      Relay #2
      4 nines on the 1st. 10 shot string was a bubble buster then added 2 more on 2nd string. I can totally put the blame on lack of concentration “wondering minds cause wondering bullets”
      194 -5X

      Relay #3
      Was a repeat of #2 complete with the same score and X count but I had to work real had to do that. I also used “Kentucky windage” to erase about half of the 1 MOA left windage I added

      Match final:
      I think the Conditions were about as good as I have seen @ Reese Bottom other than the heat draining affect. The Mental aspect has always been my down fall of most shooting sports. I can’t put 100% in 100% of the shots they have a name for that and they call it using 3 letters I can’t remember what they are cause I CRS

      Interest note from the E-targets
      As the temp went up so did my Velocity and my SD (and my scores came down) @600 my SD is twice what it is 10 feet.
      After the shot broke any thing I thought was going to be a 9 I tried to make the call and were it would hit before it popped up in the screen I feel like I called it right 75% of the time
      I like the helmet and the trophy ideal puts a little more fun in the fun day
      All in all another fun day @ “the Bottom”
      Thanks for putting up with me

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      Wynne Echols

      Richard, thanks for taking the time to share this with everyone. I wish more of our good shooters would do this. I would hope that at each match a shooter would experience something worth sharing. Good luck on your quest to a clean target. Maybe it will happen for both of us one day. WWE

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