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      Wynne Echols

      Many of you met Mr. Little this past month at Reese Bottom. He participated in the first ever .22 match and enjoyed himself so much that he has offered to donate a knife that he makes to the winner of the next .22 match. If you are certain that you are going to win, tell him which one you would like for him to bring, and if you are not certain of a win, he probably would sell you one. Mr. Tom has an Apple computer and had trouble with the photos so he emailed them to me and I am posting them for him. Forgive me if you think that this should be on the other forum. WWE

      [click photos to enlarge]

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      brett collins

      thoes are some verry fine knifes MR LITTLE.
      so MR ECHOLS wHICH one will you be taking home next time lol.

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      Nice knives. Would Love to have one. Guess I need to start practicing more and get some ammo in a red box if I plan on beating my Wynne!

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      Thanks, Brett for the compliment and thanks to Wynne for helping to post the pictures. Please just call me Tom. You can’t tell old war stories and embellish the facts if everyone calls you “Mr.”
      Knife building is just a hobby with me and I try not to sell very many because then it becomes a job. I have lots of pictures of knives I have built if you’re interested. I will try to have different styles available for the winner.

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      Al Barr

      Tom, back in the 80’s; I was forging and finishing knives as a hobby, while working a more than full time job.

      Well, I sold a few, went a to few shows, and demand plus delivery times went way up. Bottom line, I screwed up a fun hobby.

      The photos of your knives show good design.

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      Jeff Fish

      Those are mighty fine looking indeed! Looks like I will be throwing a scope on the 10/22 and trying my hand at winning one of those beauties!

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