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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Ok good shooters I propose a question to you. Feel free to answer in a few or as many words as possible. What in your opinion is the most important aspect to great shooting? (Examples: reloading/breathing/optics/trigger squeeze)

      Let’s hear it!! Please list your most important, even though I know there are a million variables.

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      Wynne Echols

      I’ll say. For me, consistent reloading techniques. I try hard but my efforts often create problems that unfortunately are not discovered until shooting begins at the match. Let’s see, I have mashed bullets out of their personality, flaired the end of brass so that it would not chamber, let wax get to the powder and form a glob, and now I think that I am really having a problem with consistent neck tension. Hopefully I can continue to learn from past mistakes, correct most of them along the way, and continue to enjoy our sport for many more years. WWE

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      Al Barr

      Consistency every step of the way. If you change something; change one thing at a time and record your results. Learn to follow through and call your shots. This is best learned in practice, with a helper to either spot shots or pull and mark your targets.

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      brett collins

      I believe one of the most important tools in Percision shooting is the mental game you can have a great rifle and the best scope and may have taken hours and days working up the ultimate load then show up for a match and do just terrible maybe the Wind changed directions it may be too hot or cold or maybe you had someone like Ben shooting next to you with a 300 WIN MAG with a muzzle brake blowing your hat off either way you cannot just show up and pull on a trigger and expect to do well

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      Steve Gilley

      Good consistent reloading. Pay attention to details in the process of loading. I have found that staying on my gun for the whole 20 rounds in F class helps also. This keeps body and gun on shoulder in same position through the relay.

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