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      Marc Speed

      As the newest “newbie” around here, I have rapidly learned that there are multiple skills that have to be mastered in this sport, and it seems that reading the wind is one of the hardest.

      The suggestion was raised in the “Reading the wind” thread that we have some sort of training on an off-Saturday. I for one would greatly appreciate that, and it would not hurt my feelings if a fee were charged to pay the trainers for sharing their expertise with us.

      Next, but along the same lines, I ran across an article on the topic that I found interesting. Here is a link to it:

      Take care,
      Marc Speed

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      Wynne Echols

      Marc, thanks for posting this link, interesting read. WWE

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      Good post Mark! The article mentions watching your peers shots and see where they go before firing yours. I shot in Mississippi state shoot a couple of years ago and was paired with an older gentleman who was a high master shooter. I was scoring for him but he was watching other shooters targets that he knew was as good as he was at wind reading. Only after they shot would he send one down range. He told me later what he was doing and he did win the state match that day!

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