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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Been dreaming of shooting a mile ever since I got my hands on my .300 win mag built by Britt Jones. Started watching Steve G’s video and got really interested. Then I caught a few clips on SniperHide about a bullet manufacturer called Warner Tool. Gave them a call and spoke with the owner Alan Warner, cool fellow, knows his stuff too. They have been making solid copper turndown rounds for 7mm and 30 cal and just today dropped some 6.5 rounds. The BC’s are insane and the speed they run is even crazier. The 6.5mm Bullets are 122 grain with a BC estimated at .680. The 7mm rounds are 152 grains with a BC upward of .775 and the 30 cal 198 grains are pushing a BC of .830. So with all those numbers, calibers that were never really thought of as extreme long range have now become viable options. The 6.5×47’s and creedmoors will be able to easily touch ranges at the 1 mile mark. The larger magnums will be able to reach the next zip codes!!! Check the videos online of the 20″ barrel .308 plinking steel at 1500 yards, and the 6.5 creedmoor going 4/5 on steel at 1 mile with these bullets.

      All this being said I am looking for a place to be able to test my rifle. After talking to some people I shoot with they too are interested in making the attempt. We have ordered a few boxes of Flatline Projectiles and are about to start working up some loads. Your go to powder may not be quite fast enough for these bullets as they act a little different than a lead core jacketed style. Not to worry, they provide quickload data with the purchase of a box to get you heading in the right direction without wasting a lot of rounds during load development.

      Is anyone else interested in shooting a mile???

      Does anyone know a location we may be able to make our attempts at? I know Steve G shot his at Reesebottom. I would be willing to do whatever needs to be done to find a location. Does anyone know of any other spots where we may could attempt this? Right now I have about 6 people that want to accomplish the mile shot.

      Any feedback, tips, location, or help is much appreciated.

      I attached a pic of the 198 grain inside the .300 win case. This is the exact seat depth measured in a Hornady overall length guage. COAL is 4″!!!



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      Wynne Echols

      Ben, I will gladly try to accomodate you with this, but it will take some preparation. My first comment from what I have seen is that you have plenty of rifle, but do you have enough rifle scope. Steve was shooting a much lighter bullet, but from a 200 yard zero he was adding approx. 76 moa of elevation and not many scopes will do that. Trying to hold over would be fruitless. You also need a very favorable weather forecast and probably shoot shortly after sunrise. The day that we shot the mile there was no noticeable wind and the bullet was moving horizonally by over 6 feet. We had a 6 foot by 8 foot temperary backer and it took a while to figure out what was going on a finally get on the target. We never did get a bullet in our point of aim{a 12″ pie plate} I would have to for sure wait until after turkey season. We can talk about this soon, but I would also suggest that you be very selective with your guest. Many people want to shoot long distance, but few have the right stuff. We found that out trying to shoot 1000 yards. WWE

      ps. please reduce the file size of your photo or email it to me and I will add it to your topic.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      So I ran the calculations on my .300 with the flatline Bullets. A very very conservative estimate is that I will need no more than 52 MOA of elevation to hit the mile. My Sightron 10x50x60 (34mm tube) has 63 MOA of elevation I can dial up from my 100 yard zero. Scope should not be an issue. Now if I shot mt traditional Berger 210 load I would need a 30 MOA base or I would have to move up to a 230 grain.

      Gonna do some auddette style load development and shoot them past the Doppler to get some speed documented. Then I can do longer range development. Will keep you posted. Thanks!!!

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