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      Wynne Echols

      On Saturday May 21, 2016, Reese Bottom will host a 30 shot bench rest match. Shooters will shoot a 5 shot target at 400 yards, then a 10 shot target at 400 yards, then move to 500 yards and shoot a 5 shot target and then a 10 shot target. Shooters will get fouler shots before each target. Shooting will begin at 9 am, so please be present by 8 am so that we can get things organized and ready to go. $10 per gun and a shooter may shoot two different guns if they so choose. This will be the last match with the old targets, so plan to be present for this historic event. We will divide the rifles into three divisions, .308/.223 bipod, all other calibers – bipod, and mechanical front rest -any caliber[same as forever] Small prizes will be given in each division for smallest group on each target and the ‘gunny pot’ will be closest to X on the 5 shot, 500 yard target. I will have drinks and snacks, and t shirts[for sale]. We will continue to recognize high scores and small groups in each division, but if my computer program works as my son in law says, we are going to crown an over all winner in each division. It is programmed to give more weight to the group size than score. First in group size, second in score, will beat first in score, second in group size.[I’m hoping] Any questions, give me a call or shoot me an email. WWE

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      Jeff Fish

      Looking forward to the match! Its been way too long!! I am also very interested in t-shirts. I hope you got a couple of “pleasantly fluffy/ big bone” sizes. I just need to know how much cash I need to bring for them. CANT WAIT!!!!

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