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      Richard Slaton

      Well as someone said the weather was perfect for shooting Saturday and I would have to agree!
      Saturday was the 1st. time I had shot two different guns @ Reese Bottoms and from some of the comments and looks I think most would like me to leave Big Boomer at home lol.
      My goals for this match were simple work on the basics and just get back in the groove. As far as trying something new I went back to my Varget load in the BrX and this was the 1st. time I had really shot Big Boomer much after installing the Brake and was not real sure on sight setting and was a little nerves that I would not hit the target with my sighters (more on this later)

      1st. up was the BrX I shot I think 6 or 7 sighters trying to get centered up to help with my score then I shot my 1st. 5 for record after shot #5 I turn the monitor around to view and was happy to see my best 5 shot group at 600 2.80 which I think is my 2nd time to shot under half MOA @ 600 so very happy with that and pleased with a score of 46. My 2nd target I think I shot 2 sighters then went for record which resulted in a group of 4.01 and another score of 46. I feeling pretty good right now but I also know my history lately has been my groups get bigger and my scores come down and yesterday was no different
      3rd. target 5.11 score of 45, 4th target group 6.91 score of 42.
      Final result for the BrX
      Score 179
      Avg. group 4.70
      Avg. MOA .78
      Reward 2nd in open Bipod
      Next up Big Boomer this is the 1st. “pistol” I’d shot past 200 yrds and is the gun I started shooting @ Surrell’s Moundville shoot anybody that watch me shoot there can tell you a 6.5 x 284 with 16” barrel will come off the table with every trigger pull after I broke my wrist it was too painful to shoot so I installed a brake last year and now the kick is less that the BrX.
      Going to the line like I said I was a little worried about my 6oo yard dope I had a good 100 setting and calculations from phone app. Which normally will get you on paper but you never know until !!
      My fear was put to rest when my 1st. sighter was a high but solid 9 2nd shot was another 9 almost cutting the 10 line so I’m good to go. My 1st. five for record produce a score of 46 with group of 6.38
      2nd target score 43 and group of 5.78, 3rd. 45 and 6.47, 4th had my best group @4.82 but lowest score of 41
      Final results for the 6.5 x 284
      Score 175
      Avg. group 5.86
      Avg. MOA .98
      I think this gun finish 4th or 5th in open Bipod considering this is only the 2nd time I’ve shot this gun @600
      The other time was 15 shots 4 or 5 years ago it did as well as I could hope

      Final thoughts
      Man it felt good to be back shooting At Reese Bottoms! I compete against the data. I shot a personal best 600 group @ 2.80 (.47 MOA) .78 avg. MOA for the day. I think Mr. Wynne said the BrX finish 1st. in score 2nd in group. Big Boomer did as well as I could have ask for all things considered so I’m checking a win against the Data
      Till next time

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      Wynne Echols

      Richard, I enjoy reading your report each month. Wish we could get more of our good shooters to do the same. At least we would know that they had been to Reese Bottom and enjoyed themselves. I like the way that you always come prepared, have a plan for the match, and always report the results of your plan. It often amazes me at how few comments we get from the shooters that attend the matches at Reese Bottom. Hopefully that is a good sign for things. WWE

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      Wynne Echols

      Richard, when you see this, call my cell 334-654-2462. No hurry, the website has problems and I cannot sent this as a personal message. WWE

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      Sonny Korner

      I see where the computer cheated on my behalf, Mr. Slaton’s score beat mine easily
      My rifle was sittin on a Mech. Rest. Your money is safe with me Mr. Richard I’ll give it up next time we shoot. I was shooting in Brett & Steve’s group of peoples and as usually got my butt handed to me. U’all be safe, wash your hands, wear a mask & keep your powder dry.

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        Wynne Echols

        Sonny, this is all my fault. I asked everyone to pre register so that I can get a head start on things before the match and then I still mess things up. I actually entered you in the wrong division and did not catch it until it was brought to my attention a day or two later. Sorry, and I appreciate everyone’s understanding. WWE

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      Richard Slaton

      Sonny I knew you shot two guns but really was not paying any attention which gun was shot when. I was to busy making sure I didn’t mess up shooting the two I shot. But I guess our watchdog group caught this. No harm no foul as far as I’m concerned. I guess I get your money and Buddy Webb gets mine LOL.
      I’m counting the days till the next match

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