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      Steve Gilley

      As most witnessed my first relay was a fantastic group of 1.03 inches. Had a little equipment issue in my second relay that broke my rythem. Rest adjustment slipped down and I had to re adjust. inches. Pulled it back together for 3&4 relays with both groups slightly over 2″. How can I do better? I think in reloading room. Neck tension was not consistent so I will start annealing every firing. I think I will try running a lower node also! Enjoyed the day of good shooting by everyone

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      Wynne Echols

      Steve, thanks for sharing this info and great shooting. That first group was special. As everyone knows by now, my first group did not get measured because I forgot to punch the “Begin Record Button” but from just looking at the screen shot I believe it was possibly my smallest group of the day maybe less than 2.500″[never know]. That would put all four groups between 2-3 inches which would be very consistent. I shoot the dasher in a slower node. I have shot Varget and H 4895 and they both shoot the same with a 2870 fps muzzle velocity. The bullets that I shot last Saturday were actually loaded last November and still seemed to shoot okay. I only took 31 loaded rounds to the match and I think maybe a few more are needed. If you begin a match with a clean barrel, as I do, it appears that the rifle shoots better after more than three or four foulers. I also believe it is better to shoot at least four or five foulers before each record target. There is no science behind this, but just my thoughts. Anyone out there have another opinion? WWE

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      Sonny Korner

      I’ve been shooting more benchrest than F-class the last few years because I’m so much a geezer prone position sucks for me. My opinion on foulers is shooting F-class means shooting 70 rounds and then you can clean the rifle. Benchrest you shoot 7 to 10 rounds and clean the rifle. The benchrest rifles are pretty much only shot at bench competition and have been very clean from day 1 and take 1 or 2 rounds to foul the barrel. The F-class rifles take 5 or more rounds to find the X, and I usually don’t touch the scope settings for these fouling shots because it usually finds the X on its own. I like the Bore Tech brand of cleaning grear and really liked all their instructions and video’s. When I clean the rifle I remove everything carbon, lead, copper,fingerprints, spit although I don’t chew any more thank God. Great day at the Bottom, you guys are the best, GO TIGERS.

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