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      Richard Slaton

      This is not a list of excuses just my match report like Mr. Wynne ask for
      I also deleted the 1st. post to make changes which I saw later got your comment Mr. Wynne sorry should have looked 1st.

      My match report is this in a nut shell. I did not prepare well for this match I basically loaded ammo Friday, loaded my car Saturday morning and headed to Linden. I normally try something new, set goals for the match and plan my attack for the match. I normally do most of this night before the match while I’m lying in bed tossing and turning. This Friday night when my head hit the pillow I was out like a light until the alarm went off. Saturday when my number was called to go to the line I was not mentally prepared which made me never feel comfortable on the line which made me struggle all day. During the match I scanned a whole MOA of elevation trying find what would work most of my shots were low until I over compensated and was rewarded with a 8 lol in my 3rd and my worst relay of the day @ 191. As an average my 3rd.relay is normally my worst relay in all my Fclass matches. My 1st. relay was 195 and as normal my 2nd relay was my highest 198 with the 1st. 9 coming on shot # 17/20 and the second coming on @19/20 my last 5 shots of relay 2 – 10-9-X-9-X so those 9’s was totally on me. With a score of 584 I was disappointed mainly because it was 10 points lower than my last match. My X count of 19 was my second highest which was a bright spot. But after compiling my data I find that after shooting a total of 5 Fclass matches I shot Saturday what is now a average match for me. In F open I finished dead middle of the pack Sat. so about avg. Of all the scores shot Sat. I was slightly above avg.
      My match avg. score 583.7 Sat. 584
      Match avg. for total rounds fire 71.7 Sat. 72 (60 for match 12 sighters)
      Avg. relay 1 194.7 Sat. 195
      Avg. relay 2 195.7 Sat. 198
      Avg. relay 3 193.3 Sat. 191

      Look forward to the team match next month
      “just an avg. shooter” and I’m ok with that

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