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      Wynne Echols

      The results for the March 2017 Mid Range Prone Match held at Reese Bottom are in the book. There is a new photo on the ‘home page’ and the results and winners are posted on the ‘results page’. Click the results to enlarge. There are a few photos up on the ‘photo page’. Eighteen good shooters today created two competitive divisions. Thanks to a great bunch of lady and gentlemens for being so helpful and kind to one another. It is such a pleasure to get together with you folks once a month. The rain missed us and the wind did some wishie washie stuff with my 80 gn bullet. All in all, I figure the .223 outshot the shooter. Overheard some boasting as everyone left. Corey said that Jennifer and Larry were going to have to listen to him all the way to East Alabama and Eric said that he was going to tell Brent and Jared how to shoot a clean target all the way to Waynesboro. Steve and Johnny were going to talk all the way to Wagerville, but the other one was not going to hear a word the other one said and Jeff and Brett must just be buddies. We hope that all of you travelers got home safely and hope to see many of you the 3rd Saturday in April for a Bench Rest Match.

      ps: Brent Bishop, I deleted your sign in info so try again. If you cannot make it work, call me and I will figure something out. WWE

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      Wynne Echols

      Anyone have any thoughts or comments from the match yesterday? I thought that we got off to a rough start with our shooter/scorer communication. Without accurate results, it is difficult to have an legitimate competition and I noticed several discrepancies throughout the match. By the end of most matches, the top shooters are going to be bunched really close, esp. within the top three or four spots. We actually had a ‘X’ count decision yesterday. Reese Bottom forces everyone into very close quarters that often get a little noisy, but we have got to find a solution to our problem. For those of us that are aging, hearing is a definite problem that we must contend with. I was thinking about possibly asking the scorer to move their spotting scope and stool up by their shooters feet to allow for better communication. Suggestions, please. WWE

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      Wynne Echols

      Hello Al, come see us. Easy pickin’s. WWE

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      Al Barr

      Wynne, someone needs to fan those shooters; they are red hot.

      I am really impressed with the scores on the mid range prone. Glad to see some new shooters and really impressed with the consistency of the winners and high placers.

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      Mr. Wynne I’m thinking the same communication is a problem between the score keeper and shooter, I had learned a lot form a shooter in Mississippi he was on my tail until I learned what he was needing as far as his sighters and scoring shots in the 1000 yard F-Class. I think the shooter should talk to his score keeper before the relay starts and let him know how he should communicate with him or her through the relay. Also the score keeper should have all his or her attention on his or her shooter only until the relay has finished, it’s so easy to lose a shot and score if that person just looks away for a second more.

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