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      Guys, Eye surgery and loss of my central vision I am no longer able to see and concentrate visually on the target I am going to sell “ALL” of my target shooting equipment and components. I have a lot of stuff so if anyone is looking give me a call I may just have what you need. If anyone wants pictures drop me an e-mail and I will send some to you. Here is a short and quick list:

      Long Range Benchrest and F-Class rifle. It will make weight in both disciplines by switching barrels.
      Farley actioned switch barrel, Timney 1 1/2 oz trigger, with a Nighforce NXS 12x32x56 scope, 6 barrels go with this rifle, they are 3 barrels in 6.5x47L, 1 in 6BR, 1 in 6Dasher this is basically a Short Range Benchrest barrel I used it for fire forming Dasher cases, 1 barrel in 30BR this is a great barrel for shooting VFS matches in the unlimited class, This barrel actually has won TWO Mid Range Matches even though it is designed for shooting out to 300 yds . Some of hem have very low round count and the one with the most round count is one of the 6.5×47 barrels and it has 804 rounds on it. Shehane MBR Tracker stock in African Obece Wood, adjustable comb. It has shoot at Memphis at 600 yds its smallest group in a registered match of .812 that was with the 6.5x47L. It comes in a Custom rifle case as well. Price $3,800. It Will come with all of the Match Brass I have for this rifle.

      F-Class rifle–Pierce Long Action, with a Nightforce NXS 12x32x56 scope, Shehane MBR Tracker Stock with adjustable comb, this stock alone cost me $1,200, Timney 1 1/2 oz trigger. This one is also a switch barrel rifle and comes with 4 barrels 2 in 6.5/06 Gibbs one of these barrels has a round count of 194 and the other one is 20 rounds, 1 barrel in 6.5x47L, 1 barrel in 6.5x47L and 1 barrel in 6BR this 6BR barrel is brand new and only has 15 shots down the bore. It also will come with all of the match brass I have for each barrel. I also will include all of the case forming dies and reloading dies for the Gibbs. Price $3,900

      Eliseo Tube Gun–Remington Action completely blueprinted I am told. It also is a switch barrel rifle and comes with 3 barrels 2 barrels in 6.5x47L and one in .308. It also comes with a Nighforce Benchrest 12x42x56 Scope and a full set of open sites if you wanted to shoot “Sling”. It also comes with a case. Price $2,800.

      Savage Actioned Custom Built Benchrest or F-Class Rifle. Once again this is a Switch barrel rifle and comes with TWO barrels both in 6.5x47L. PTR Competition Stock with an adjustable comb. Also comes with a Nighforce Benchrest Model scope 12x42x56, I believe it also has a Rifle Basic Trigger I measure it to be 4 oz. It also comes with a Custom Built Rifle case these cases alone cost $380 each. This rifle has won at The Reese Bottoms two or three times every time I loaned it to someone it won. Of course I will include the match brass with it as well. price $2,400

      Guys I also have a lot of powder, primers, bullets and brass. I do not want to list quantity of the powder but a simple phone call will do. Here is a list of the powders I have on hand.
      POWDER: Primers
      RL-15 CCI 450 — 23,000
      RL-22 Federal Gold Label Match — 10,000

      On this powder I am only going to sell it in a lot. Lots will be as much as I have of that type powder, I am doing this so I don’t get stuck with it.

      I also have a lot of Bullets in 6.5 and 6MM and a few maybe 1,000 or so in .308 but the .308 bullets I have are all for the 30BR and are lite weights.
      In the 6.5 I have not inventoried all of them but I Imagine there are 4,000 at least. In the 6MM I have a thousand at least in Berger 108 VLD and maybe 2,000 or so in Berger 105 VLD. I also have a couple of boxes of the Berger Hybrids in 6mm I think they are 105’s as well.

      I also have an Annealing Machine–a case turning machine– A Ohler 35P Chrongraph– A Bullseye remote camera system. A RCBS Chargemaster, a Hornady Automatic Dispenser, Two tuned by Scott Parker balance Beam scales accurate to a single kernel of powder. A Rotary Tumbler –Tumbles Tumbler and SS media for it.

      There is more but its late 03:30 in the morning I am tired of talking into this damn machine that does the typing for me. If anyone wants to ask a question just give me a call.

      Also guys I am sure some of you are feeling sad about this, some like Wynne are probably glad not to have to put up with me anymore :>). But in the end things are just the way they are. I do not want any sympathy so please when we talk, if we talk, lets no go that way.

      256-558-8430 Cell Best
      256-787-7503 Home

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      I so sorry to hear about your condition. Really hate to see you get rid of all of your stuff, but I also understand. I will continue to pray that your condition will get better. Hope to talk to you soon. We sure miss seeing you at Reese Bottom.
      Dan and Addison

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      Sorry to hear about your health issues. I might be interested in one of the first two mentioned rifles and also in some of the components. I am on the road from The shoot in Tennessee but will give you a call tomorrow.

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      Gunny, when you get a chance would you send me some pics of the tube gun? My email is foamadvantage@gmail.com. Thanks

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      Guys I must make a couple of corrections to this ad above. The triggers in the three rifles The Farley, The Pierce and the Tube gun and “NOT” Timney they are in fact all Jewell triggers. I’m going to blame that mistake on this damn machine I’m talking into.

      Dan, I will take some pictures later on today and e-mail them to you. Britt has done two of the barrels and has had his hands on this rifle so if you need to speak with him about it. The one very appealing thing about this rifle is the fact it is ready to go with a scope or irons and sling just by changing a few screws. Dan I also have a brand new Bartlien Barrel that I bought for this rifle and shooting in the Heavy Class at Benchrest it is as I said Brand new 31″ long so it will finish at 30″ it is a 8 twist and a 1.25 straight no taper. If you decide to buy this rifle I will let you have it for 1/2 of what it cost me and I will eat the shipping, I paid $365, 1/2 would be $182.50 so lets say you can have it for $180.

      Steve, Look forward to talking to you…


      PS the Bench Source Annealing machine, one of the tuned scales, all of the Federal Primers are spoken for and are going to Al Barr

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      Brent Keith

      I’m interested in bench rest guns, tube gun the powder and bullets and the bulls eye camera

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        Wynne Echols

        Brent, I suggest that you send Roland a private message or give him a call. If I can be of any help making a connection, I have his email and phone number. WWE

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      Brent Keith

      Thanks if you can give me his number I appreciate it.

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