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      Al Barr

      If a shooter loads a bunch of rounds, and doesn’t shoot them for a while, does accuracy degrade because of bonding between the bullet and the case neck?

      I’ve read that if one jams the bullet, it doesn’t matter. If one jumps the bullet, that the bonding will affect accuracy.

      Any of you shooters have first hand experience?



      Thanks, Al

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      Wynne Echols

      Al, I had this conversation with a good shooter recently. His thoughts were that with an extremely clean case neck, there is the possibility of some bonding between the bullet and case neck caused by the nature of the two materials. Does it affect accuracy? Not sure. A couple of remedies mentioned were to dip your bullets in some dry Imperial neck lube{get your fingers black} and he also mentioned that lots of shooters were leaving the carbon in the necks after firing[not wet tumbling]. Interesting question and I hope others will tell their secrets. WWE

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      Al Barr

      Thanks Wynne. The Gunny told me to use a little Imperial die wax on the bullet just ahead the boatail. I have used the die wax, but not the neck lube.

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      Brad Mitchell

      I’ve had cold welded bullets to necks on hunting rounds that had been loaded for a few months. I tried some new lube last year. I need to seat some a little deeper and see if they pop or not since they have been loaded since November.

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      Al Barr

      Brad, I appreciate your reply. I’m curious if you pulled a bullet on a bonded round; if there was a visual indication, such as discoloration or corrosion?

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