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      Richard Slaton

      My June match report
      This is what started as my senile moment match report

      My 1st. Team match and man was it fun. I was real happy when I found out I was paired with Kenneth I guess I’ve known Kenneth longer than I’ve known anybody at Reese bottom other than Surrell. I think we share a lot of the same philosophy on shooting. Mr. Wynne called us the sleeper team but he forgot to wake us up. In team sports my philosophy is you win as a team and you lose as a team if you base your season on one star player you better hope he don’t call in sick. After running the numbers our individual score total were 2 points apart our X count was within 2 as well me and Kenneth got our butts kicked as a team and we still had fun.
      My report

      Last week was kind of a rough week for me and I need this match to be a little R & R and that it was.
      Simple goals for the match shoot as good as my partner and make sure He had fun

      I started this match with a S M (senile moment) actually the S M started last night I normally put a sight setting card in my ammo box which has a “starting point” sight setting based on match temp, load and the last match at that distance . Saturday when I looked at the card it said starting point of 11.75 something about that number didn’t sound right but what you going to do? Go with it, it’s only a starting point adjust from there. 1St. shot was low which seem to be my normal cool bore shot. 2nd shot low as well decide to add 2 when I did I notice I was at 11.5 not 11.75 (S M). I still went up 2 that put me at 12 after a couple more sighters I ended up at 12.25 and used I think 7 sighter shots on the 1st. bank more than normal and enough to as my grandson says “ that makes me nerBus” Kenneth and I decide we’re ready to shoot for record. But were we? Our 9 count was higher than our X count and I would say that’s not good! 193 -5x not exactly setting the woods on fire but we’re still smiling. 2nd relay not much better all our sighters were either 9’s or X’s ?? But this rely our X count was higher than our 9 count
      And our score was 1 point higher. The woods are still not burning but we’re headed in the right direction. Last relay do or die float or sink at least go out with a bang. We only used 4 sighters 2 x’s and 2 10’s our x count was again higher than our 9 count 197- 5x is still not a forest fire but more in line with what we normally shoot. All in all I think Kenneth I had fun and at the end of the match we were still smiling and still friends. Would I do it again? Sure. would I won’t to do it every other month? Probably not.
      What I learned and what I would change
      I suffered a lot of neck pain Saturday some self infected for some reason I thought it would be better if I raised my whole gun up about an inch. WRONG this made me have to tilt my head back more which contributed to the pain. Next prone match I’m lowering my gun back down and work on better body position. Today when I got home and was entering my match data I had prefilled in that I was going to use 12.25 as my starting point sight setting so now I don’t have clue were the 11.75 came from on the card in my ammo box (S M) after the 1st. set if sighters I ended up using you guessed it 12.25 for the whole match
      After shooting about 2 ½ years at Reese bottom I’ve now fired a total 702 center fire rounds there
      The 6 BrX now has 2124 round through it and like me it starting to lose its luster. I just installed a new 6 BrX barrel on one of my other action with a plan to brake it in with a hundred or so rounds before I switch out with the old barrel hoping it will be “ready to compete” before I bring it to Reese bottom.
      Bottom line Sonny and Surrell came to kick some butts and they did just that that was some more fine shooting. It was good to see Chase Morgan back on the line Sorry I never got over to speck.
      Mr. Wynne you did a great job of pairing the teams. Very fair just for fun I ranked were I thought each team would finish, I only got one right
      Next month 1K that 1st. shot I’ll have a pucker facture for sure

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