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      Wynne Echols

      Sorry to be so late with this, but I am waiting on results from a medical exam that I recently had. Still waiting, so we will go ahead and plan the shoot. At the last match, the shooters agreed that they wanted to shoot 5 @ 200, 5 @ 300, 5 @ 400, and 5 @ 500 plus fouler shots at each distance. That will be 20 record rounds fired at 600 yard IBS official targets. The guys at Gabriel Creek suggested that I use some of the winnings and buy you good shooters some targets of which I have done. So, $10 per gun this month with a two gun max. per shooter. We will divide the rifles into the usual 3 bench divisions. Prizes for the small group on the first three targets in each division and all divisions shooting against each other for the ‘Gunny Pot'[closest to center ‘X’] at the 500 yard target. Please try to be on site by 8 am so that we can be shooting by 9 am. I will have a few drinks and a little something to eat.

      We talked about having a 50 yard .22 lr match after the regular match. We did this once last year and everyone seemed to enjoy. $5, 1 gun{.22 long rifle}, 25 record shots, unlimited sighters and foulers, any rest, from the benches. I’m in. I would like to have at least 6 or 8 so let me know if you plan to shoot the .22 match. Hope to see many of you on the 18th. WWE

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      Wynne Echols

      I am satisfied that the new computer program worked as planned last month, so we will plan to crown the division winners using the overall method. How many places we pay will depend on the number of shooters in the division. Anyone with questions, please ask. Thanks, WWE

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      brett collins

      MR WYNNE i hope all is well with you.
      looking forward to the june match. we need to put a APB on AL BARR?

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      Doug Pugh

      I’ll be there and will shoot in the 22 match afterwards. Hope to see everyone there on the 18th.

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      I plan on coming and will also shoot the 22 match. Hope the test results come back good. If it makes you feel any better my doctor said that about 90% of these procedures comes back negative.

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      Ron Williams

      I’ll be there and I’ll bring my .22

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