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      Wynne Echols

      Thank you to the fourteen brave shooters that volunteered for the first ever Mid Range Prone Pairs Match to be held at Reese Bottom. We have updated the Home, Photo, and Results pages. I will try to attach a photo of the three clean targets shot today and we sure hope that everyone enjoyed themselves today. We witnessed some fine shooting.

      On the Gilley/Boykin target, Gilley shot the odd numbers and Boykin the even number. Korner was odd and Franklin was even. Parten was odd and Smith was even. Click photo to enlarge. Notice also that the Shotmarker E-Target system will measure the velocity at the target and also give the SD. In the case today, the numbers are not accurate because it was measuring two different guns. WWE

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      Danny Gray

      thanks for chance to shoot with excellent shooters.love the partners format gives a chance for less experienced shooters to learn fron the more experienced. everyone i met was more than willing to help me in any way they could and it was very appreciated and helpful.cant wait till next months br match hope i learn as much there as i did in fclass match.

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      Danny Gray

      are muzzelbrakes allowed in br.

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      Danny it was nice to meet you, I wish I could have hung around Saturday and talked awhile.
      I was on call and Jimbo was covering for me until 1200 so I had a hour drive back.
      When we shoot next hopefully I’ve have more time to hang around and just get to know you and the others that came their first time to Reese Bottom.

      We are a bunch of friendly people that shoot once a Month, and will help each other as much as possible shooting and reloading. When it comes to shooting or reloading we have no secrets. Some are very good shooters and some of us just try to shoot better than them.

      At the moment I’m working on my 7th year at Reese Bottom with out missing match, so you can see I myself learning to shoot and shooting to learn.

      I will say Reese Bottom is my most favorite place to shoot with a small or large crowd.

      Hope you will come back and shoot more with us.

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