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      Wynne Echols

      Okay good shooters, we have all enjoyed the holiday weekend and it is now time to start getting ready for the bench rest match at Reese Bottom on the 16th of July. At the June match, the fellows said that they wanted to shoot a 5 shot target @ 400 yards, a 10 shot target @ 400 yards, a 5 shot target @ 500 yards and a 10 shot target @ 500 yards. Their wishes are granted so plan to shoot 30 record rounds plus a bunch of foulers. Please try to arrive by 8 am so that we can get things lined up and be shooting by 9 am. I will have a few drinks and a little something to eat. We will divide the rifles into the same three classes as usual and I will have a few small prizes for each division at each distance. We will use the 5 shot target @ 500 yards for the ‘Gunny Pot’. Please give some thought as to the shooting format for August and whether or not you would like to shoot .22s in August. Anyone with questions about anything, get up with me by email, personal message, or phone. Hope to see many of you good shooters on the 16th. WWE

      There seems to have been a little more activity on the forum lately. Thanks and please keep it up. Lettuce hear about your shooting experiences, reloading, rifles, or something interesting that you might have read somewhere else. Thanks again. WWE

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Being as I am a newbie could you elaborate on the three classes?

      I’m assuming one is 223/308, one is regulation bench style w/no breaks (F-class?), and one is open to all (even loud big bore cannons like mine).

      Planning on making a trip down to shoot with you guys and just need to know if I should bring mine or steal the wife’s 6br while she’s not looking!

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      brett collins

      Benjamin you can shoot your 300WM in either the bipod or mechanical class that would be up to your preference and by all means bring your wife and her 6BR

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      Wynne can correct me if I’m wrong but Brett is right. 223/308 is one class, anything from a bipod is another class, and anything fired off mechanical rest is third class. Breaks are allowed.

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        Wynne Echols

        Ben, look forward to seeing you and the Mrs. at Reese Bottom. You will enjoy yourselves. We do shoot breaks from the benches, but do not at the mid range prone matches and Steve is correct that when we shoot from the benches we divide the rifles into three divisions to try the best we can to keep the rifles as competitive as possible. F-Open type rifles, F-T-R type rifles, and then any caliber rifle shot on a mechanical front rest with a rear bag. This has all seemed to work out well in the past, but as always, Reese Bottom is open to suggestions.

        If things go as planned, I will be shooting the Farley action dasher with some custom 115 grain bullets. I might tweak the load a .1 or so, but it shot well at the steel match a couple of months ago and I am real anxious to see how well it will group. There is a difference you know. Hope to see many of you good shooters on the 16th. WWE

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