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      Wynne Echols

      See the results from the mid range prone match today posted on the “Results” page. Congrats to the eight brave shooters that came today knowing that the temp would be brutal. After all of the barrels drooped, Doug and Wynne came out on top. I cannot explain how hot it was at Reese Bottom about 1 pm this afternoon. Everyone left ringing wet with sweat. We will probably rearrange the schedule in 2016 to try to avoid what happened today with the temperature. We will shoot from the tables in August. I will post more info about the match around the first of the month. Thanks, WWE
      ps. there are a few photos from the match today on the “Photo” page

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      Wow it was HOT even my loads said it’s hot today my brass had gotten real tight after the first 4 rounds fired having problems opening the bolt in first relay is not what I was looking for on Saturday.I told MR Wynne the problem that I was having and I said if I keep having the problem with my hard lift and my brass sticking in my chamber I would stop shooting for safety reasons and he said put your ammo box in the cooler well I did just that and was able to shoot the hole match keeping my ammo cool did the job.Brent Collins and I had talked about him keeping his ammo in a cooler before the match and I had no reason to think I would need to do the same with mine all I can say is it works.Thanks to MR Wynne and his quick thinking I was able to shoot the whole match and walk away with 2nd place and learn to keep a cool head and my ammo cooler.

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      Sorry I missed the match but it has been a bad couple of weeks. Didn’t have time to get everything ready to come. Hopefully I will make the next one!

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      Al Barr

      The way mr Wynne and mr Doug were shooting, someone needs to fan them to cool them off!

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      Mike Reekie

      I will catch you at the next bench competition. California was nice and cool last week.

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