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      Wynne Echols

      Well, the bottom was sloppy but the weather actually turned out right pleasant. Most good shooters mentioned an approx. 1 moa hold off from right to left with many shots aimed inside the 10 ring. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event and most left proud of what they had accomplished. A special thanks to Scott for helping with the target and Kenneth for cooking some fine hamburgers, and whoever started the fire pit. A lot can be learned from a day like this and the thing that struck me most is the fact that each gun has it’s own personality. In other words, a good shooter had better know what his setup is capable of doing. For example, we had two different .308 caliber rifles both shooting 200 grain bullets, different brands, and at the 1000 yards there was approx. 9 moa difference in the vertical adjustment. The other thing that caught my attention is that 1000 yards is a long way but it is amazing how well these good shooters do with the challenge. Please continue to remember good shooter Richard Slaten. His nephew showed us a video of Richard moving his fingers which was exciting to see. Also understand that he is able to walk some with an aid. Great News. If you missed out on this shoot, shame on you. Please watch for the info on the February shoot coming out around the first of the month and remember we will be pre registering. See the photo’s page. Good night everyone, WWE

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