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      Wynne Echols

      This is copied from a recent post on the Accurate Shooter Forum that I thought offered some interesting information about some of what we are about to embark on in 2020 at Reese Bottom. The poster stated that he was “preparing to transition from 600 to 1K” and asked what to expect. This was one of the replies that I thought was very interesting: “Not only is 1000-yds 40% further in distance and ambient conditions to deal with, it’s +60% further ballistically.
      Notably why not all that works at 600 will hold up at 1000. Have seen winning 600 loads that wouldn’t hold water at 1000.
      Tuning at 1000 and at the hosting range, is a clear advantage.”

      I would love to hear from many of you about the things that have already been determined by the few times we have shot at 1000 yards. Please stop by often the next few day as I plan to announce a few changes for the upcoming year and would like your input on some of the possible match formats. Hope you had a great New Year’s beginning. Please stay tuned. WWE

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      Richard Slaton

      Mr. Wynne from the get go on this 1K stuff I’ve had mixed emotions 1st. I was excited because like I have shared it’s been a 30-year dream/bucket list thing to shoot out to 1K. But 2nd do I have what it takes. After listen to a lot of the shooters that had a lot of 1k under their belt I was starting to doubt myself and my equipment. The day we shot the plates for the 1st time it’s was do or die, Life or death, show and tell it was that important to me. Hitting that 1st. plate at 1K was like hitting a grand slam in the world series. after hitting multiple plates I’m thinking ok maybe I can do this. But on the road home I got to thinking ok you hit plates hitting plates at 1K don’t mean you can shoot 10’s and X’s or groups.

      I’m still kind of new at this what it takes to shoot long range. I started reloading in 1977 most of which was straight wall pistol cases using a powder thrower checking every 5th charge with a scale. two years ago, Was the 1st. time I Saw the effects of jam or jump and some were in between. So basically, I’m still learning what it takes to load and shoot 600.
      You ask what have I learned shooting @ 1K, Well I have now fired 35 rounds @ 1k using two different guns on two different days one day at plates and one day @ e-targets.
      1st. thing I learned was that my gun would reach the target @1k
      2nd that my scope had plenty of adjustment to reach 1K and I could see the target pretty good
      3rd. my 1st. e-target shot was a 9 after two click adjustment 2nd shot produced a 10 So my scope dope is pretty good. The 1st 10 shots @ the e targets produced 3 x’s and 2 10’s so I’m in the ball park
      Ok sounds promising but 10 shots on an almost perfect day does not = a good match score in the real world But I’m happy to say I have a starting point but I also know I have a hard row to hoe.
      My plan: take it one match at a time learn as I go
      I’m breaking it down into 3 parts working on every match
      Equipment don’t plan to shoot 1K with your 742 aught 6. With a 3 x 9 Tasco. lol from what little I’ve shot 1K I’m boarder line on a calm day
      Shot marker says it will not detect a sub sonic bullet I’m about 1163
      Conditions this is were I meet my Waterloo I know my slow moving 107 going to have a hard time in any wind I’ve not learn to read the conditions @600 must less 1K this will be my biggest challenge
      Mental they said all games are 90% mental, I’m a work in progress
      Do I expect to win NO
      Do I expect to finish last NO
      Do I expect to finish middle of the pack yes that’s my goal

      I figure after 3 1k matches I should have a feel If I got “the right stuff”

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