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      Steve Gilley

      Witnessed some interesting F-class shooting this weekend at the Louisiana State Championship.

      A 200/22x (pending national record)
      3 shooters shot a perfect 600 score!
      From 25 Open class shooters there was 39 clean relays! (200)
      From 22 FTR shooters there was 13 clean relays!
      Top six open scores– 1196/69x–1195/81x–1194/67x–1193/78x–1192/72x–

      And no none of these scores were mine! I shot 1185/58x. 199-199-192-199-197-199.

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      Steve looks to me like you had a good score, I guess there must had been some really good shooters there.

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      Wynne Echols

      Steve, great shooting but tell us more. Did you achieve your high master goal? With all that great shooting, the conditions must have been special. Congrats, WWE

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      What calibres were used in those high scores?

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      Steve Gilley

      David McLain won the open class shooting a 6×47. Several people were shooting Dashers and there were some 284’s and 284 Shehanes. The conditions were good on early relays but wind got up both days about 11:00 to around 6-8 mph. It did a reverse several times but most shooters waited it out and the right/left always came. Of course I had to try shooting it and didn’t take out the 1 1/2 minutes of right wind that I had dialed in! 3rd relay 1st day cost me a 192 score!

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      Al Barr

      Steve, you done real good; be proud!

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