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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Dropped by to tell you all I’m still alive, and still just as ugly as the last time you all saw me 🤣. Finally got the house built, wife had the new baby girl, and if I can work to calm down a bit I’ll be back down there to donate some money to the gunny pot, and maybe blow the cobwebs outta my barrel. Can’t promise any sweet treats from the wife, she’s busy feeding this little girl and trying to keep my son from coloring on the walls!

      Been bothering Britt pretty steady as I did manage to get two co-workers to let Britt build them new hunting rifles The first one was a 300 Norma Mag, and the second was a 28 Nosler. If anyone is looking for a good way to make a pound of powder disappear very quickly those 2 rifles can do it. I had the pleasure of load devloping both rifles. Hands down the 300 Norma Mag was the easiest rifle I have ever worked on for load development. You won’t believe me, but it was easier than a 6br. It was Even easier than a 308 with a 168 match king and 43 grains of varget. It’s running 3200fps w/190 Berger hunting vld. The 28 nosler was a little more challenging until I found the right powder/ bullet. But when I did it appeared like a Alex Shannaruah Billboard in the side of the Highway. Reloader 33 and a Berger 195EOl running 3100 FPS!! Unstoppable. Both rifles shooting 1” groups at 300 consistently. Britts work is nothing short of perfection.

      Well enough of all that, we can finish catching up when I see y’all! Be safe


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      Richard Slaton

      Glad to here from you Ben. I guess most of us forget that some of our shooters are still at child bearing age 😜. I’m now past grand child bearing age 🤔.
      Look forward to your return until then stay active on the forum

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