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      Wynne Echols

      Visited Reese Bottom this afternoon and it appears that things survived the 5 plus inches of rain this past weekend. Trash can overturned and trash is everywhere and the wooden table’s pad washed badly. The pink chairs are scattered down through the woods. All in all we were very lucky compared to many in the area. I have included photos. Click to enlarge. The water is from the turn in looking towards the range. We are about a month away from our first scheduled shoot and I would love to hear what is going on with you good shooters. WWE

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      Not a whole lot going on, I did some ladder testing with some new bullets and I’m pretty happy with what I found. We can get a few of our good shooters together and get what ever needs to be done for the first shoot.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Kenneth, you wanna share that secret recipe you found?? LOL

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      Al Barr

      Are those sticks or snakes under the benches? Can we get Britt out to check?

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      I guess the building is still there, I see the corner of the porch in the picture. How about that ol pot belly stove, is it still there? I’m hoping to bring some new faces to the first match.

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