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      Wynne Echols

      I have finally found something that could make me quit shooting. I recently ordered 25/1000 yard F Class targets from Pistoleer. When they arrived I thought the box was somewhat heavy. Turns out the darn things come in four pieces about 4′ X 4′ and you have to put them all together. I had bought four pieces of 4′ X 4′ plastic waferboard not knowing the size of the targets. After several ill thoughts and about two hours time I had produced one target. There has to be a better way. I am trying to make the four targets identical with a bench rest target on one side and a F Class on the other side so which ever match we are shooting we can just turn the targets in that direction. I now have produced two. Plans are to set the virtual ‘X’ a couple of MOA below the target ‘X’ and anyone shooting a high bullet hitting the target will be asked to leave. lol

      Another piece of advice. The shooters line of sight at 1000 yards is basically ground level at two different distances which I believe is going to make mirage a nightmare at higher magnifications. We will see. Anyway, things should be interesting. WWE

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      brett collins

      dang that IBS X ring is small the gunny pot may go unclaimed for some time

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      Kenneth Thomas

      Lol, an accidental hit may claim the gunny pot. That sounds like a lot of work Mr. Wynne, I hope it doesn’t make you quit shooting, you shot good last match. I have to tighten up, lol.

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      David moore

      Alot of the 1k ranges I have shot on targets are very low to the ground. I think every one will be very grateful that you have givin them the option to shoot 1k. No worries we will adapt overcome and send them down range.

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