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      Just ordered 400 of these new match bullets with the heat shield tips. In the 6.5/140 grain they are saying .612 BC. Hope they shoot well because for now they are a lot cheaper than Bergers! See everyone on the 20th.

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      Larry Linneman

      thought about those but they dont have them in 30 cal 155 grain

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      Got the 140 Hornady Eld-M (Extreme Low Drag Match) bullets in today. Hopefully I can test them tomorrow or Sunday to see how they compare with the Berger 140’s.

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      Started testing the Eld-M bullets in 140 grain in 6.5×47. The bearing length is longer by about .o53 so they had to be seated deeper in case taking up valuable powder space in this cartridge! Started with Varget at 37.5 grains in new unforced cases which was a mistake! The charge was compressed and burned a couple primers! When’s back to 36.5 grains and still had stiff bolt lift. Velocity was only in upper 2600’s. Loaded some in fired brass and was able to get back up to 37.8 @ 2780 Fps and no pressure. Grouped well at 300 yards. Will take it to 720 yards on Monday to check for vertical. Hopefully they will shoot good!

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        Wynne Echols

        Steve, thanks for posting this information. Let us know how the 720 worked out. My pea shooters are smaller than this rig but someone should be able to use this info. Hope to see many of you south Alabama boys this Saturday. WWE

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