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      Wynne Echols

      The ole dasher was tuned well for the Florida 600, but?? After winning the light gun agg and placing 2nd overall and shooting two very good groups in heavy gun, my 3rd heavy gun target was dq’ed by a 2 to 1 vote. Me and several non voters argued to no avail that there were noticeably 2 in 1 hole. I have decided to forfeit my bench for tomorrow as Suze and I plan to spend the day with two of our grands and head back towards the more friendly confines of Reese Bottom. WWE

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      Richard Slaton

      Mr. Wynne sounds like you represented Reese Bottom well. Congrads enjoy the grands and safe trip home

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      Wynne Echols

      Suze and I have been home a week now sence our trip to Florida. We really had a great time seeing our son, daughter in law, and the two grands. As most of you know, I was to incorporate a little shooting into the trip also. Well that did not turn out quite as expected. What happened is pretty well explained in my comments listed above. I plan to post a couple of photos below as evidence that things could have turned out a little differently. One is of my third heavy gun target and the other is of a hole that I think contains two bullets passing through the same hole at 600 yards. Anyway, two of the three judges decided to DQ the target and when I tried to plead my case I was informed and I quote “we have made our decision and we are not going to change our minds. If you disagree then send the target to IBS” I elected not to and also decided not to return for the Sunday matches. I did learn a couple of things before I left the match. First, and I had never seen this done before, one can get a very good look at a bullet hole by taking a picture of the bullet hole with a smart phone and doing the finger pinchy thing to expand the hole. If I had seen this before, I think that I could have used the technique to plead my case. Second, I would like to see the good shooters that frequent Reese Bottom commit to making sure that everyone is an ambassador of friendliness and kindness to every shooter that attends our matches. I hope that it was just me, but I did not feel as though I was welcomed at the match that I just attended. Guess what, the sun came up Monday morning and I am now okay with everything. WWE

      ps: I took a few pictures so check the photo page. Most of them are of my stuff, but there are a few of the Manatee Range.

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      Larry Malinoski

      Thought you might like this picture.

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      brett collins

      and mr.wynne is sporting a reesebottom shirt. looking good

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        Wynne Echols

        Which reminds me, I have several more shirts that need a new home. WWE

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      Ron Lewis

      Hello Wynne,
      Before I looked at your second picture, I immediately saw the double shot hole. I will tell you that is certainly unfortunate.
      I wish that you would have sent it to the scoring committee at IBS. I have been on the records committee in another sanctioned organization and I’m positive that the scoring committee would have honored your shot.

      I have shot several matches at Manatee in years past and the unfriendliness you felt isn’t particularly aimed at you. Many of the shooters are not from the area and they are down from the North, spending the winter in South Florida.

      The matches that I have shot in there later in the year are much nicer. ALso, there are some very competitive shooters that are trying to add points to their Hall of Fame standing and club Championship points. I’m not saying they are basis ed against out of towners but I can tell you for sure, it’s a clanist location.

      All that being said, after severval years there I finally was welcomed and enjoyed shooting there.

      Just makes you know, How pleasant it is at your place.

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