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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Hello everyone, Hope all of your holidays went well. In the off season I have managed to eat enough good cooking for all of yall. Looking forward to getting back to shooting matches this year. I am going to ride up to Hoover this weekend and shoot a match at Brocks Gap (500 yard Bench). I did get to make a trip to Talladega and shoot the CMP range. What a nice facility they have there. The targets gave me a sense of false hope though when I found our the 600 yard x ring was 10″. I thought I was on the edge of greatness and then the wind got knocked out of my sails! lol

      As far as equipment Santa told me I bought too much last year so I didn’t get anything new. Im on a bullets/powder only budget until the wife gets her a new one. She says she’s next in line. Those 22 Creedmoor’s sure look like a neat new round. Pushing a 90 grain .224 bullet 3350+ is very appetizing…

      Hope to see you all soon, don’t forget to rod the dust outta those barrels and lets have some fun this season!

      Im trying to recruit some shooters I work with to make the trip down to Linden with me. I know they will enjoy it as the wife and I do.

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      Al Barr

      Ben buy your wife a new rifle, car, truck or whatever she wants! Just make sure she keeps bringing the cookies and nice smile.

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      Wynne Echols

      Ben, glad to hear that all is well. Look forward to seeing you and the Mrs. soon at Reese Bottom. Enjoy yourself at Brock’s Gap. Great group of shooters. WWE

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