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      Wynne Echols

      Any of you good shooters have any suggestions on some excellent in ear device. I have some molded pieces that fit the ear that do okay and I had some electronic muffs that about drove me crazy last Saturday. Not sure if the muffs have lost their fit or what but they made my head hurt. Anyway I pitched them toward my range bag after the match and they bounced in the ditch. I’m sure never to work again. Just thought some of you might of had a good experience with a particular type that you would like to share. WWE

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      Richard Slaton

      Mr. Wynne because of my profound speech recognition and hearing loss my electronic muffs are a very important item of my range bag. Without I cannot hear the range commands which is not a good thing I started out using a pair of game sport electronic muffs which worked ok but because I had to turned them up so high I also had to lisen to all the chit-chat on the line which was very distracting. They finally bit the dust last fall after asking for input on my replacement I was told about the Peltor sport Tactical 300 digital muffs that has a lot of futures that sounds like what I was looking for. I’ve only had them a few months but have used at 3 matches and so far so good.
      I can hear commands but the chit-chat problem is not as bad, I Wear hearing aids and with the game sport I had to remove to get a good fit which meant when I remove the muffs I ether had to too put my aids back on or not hear what someone said to me (which could be a good thing). The Peltor cups are bigger and I can wear without removing the aids. Peoples voice are a lot clearer guns shots sound a lot different a 22 has more of a crack sounds . They have a lot of features I’m still playing with and they do take time to get use to. They are a little pricey (I think $100) but they offer a cheaper model and a more expensive model that has blue tooth. Like everything else what works for one may not work for someone else right now I’m a happy camper

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