Has anybody been doing any shooting?

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      brett collins

      I went to a F class in Talledega on the 6th and we had only 6 shooters in open and 2 for ftr.
      and I believe that is about the number we had at reesebottom last month. just trying to figure out what is going on with everyone and they’re shooting. Maybe is just that time of year with hunting season and football I don’t know. Anyway if anybody has been doing some shooting wake up let’s talk about it!

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      Richard Slaton

      After breaking my wrist back in July Saturday was the 1st time I have pulled a trigger. I went to Ga and shot two entries in a 22 pistol match this was the last match of the year only had about 15 shooter. I saw the results of the MOA shot in Selma from Sat they had 24 shooters which is about the norm.
      I’ve not tried shooting a center fire yet but hoping wrist will be good to go for next match at Reese Bottom

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      brett collins

      good to hear that you are back up and running.

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      All work and no play……

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      Larry Linneman

      Im still shooting but it seems everytime i have a match i either gave to take care of my wife (foot surgery) or im working .

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      Ron Williams

      I don’t even have any bullets loaded for the dasher guess I’ll load up some and try to make it to the match on the 20th. Schedule change at work and with the kids has kept me from shooting much at all.

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      brett collins

      this is strange has anyone heard out of Mr. wynne? are we shooting on the 20th? I trust that everything is all right with him.

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      Wynne Echols

      Brett, everything is fine. I’m just riding in that boat with Champion Sniper. All work and no play. WWE

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