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      Jeff Fish

      I just wanted to say that I really want to thank everyone for their hospitality and the warm reception I received yesterday. You guys are top notch. I also appreciate you all letting me come out and put some rounds down range. It was nice to meet everyone and learn a lot about competitive distance shooting. I hope you all will have me back next time.

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      Al Barr

      Welcome aboard, good shooting! Shooting well is always rewarding; the good people make it fun, even if you don’t shoot well.

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      Jeff Fish

      I definitely agree about the people! Now the goal is to learn from everyone!

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        Wynne Echols

        Jeff, welcome to Reese Bottom and thank you for joining the chat forums. You seem to be a very humble fellow or there is something that you are not telling. The results suggest that you wore out the .223/.308 guys and there is a lot of experience in that division.

        I have got to tell this story for those that did not see what happened yesterday and thanks for being a good sport. For those that know me, you know that a new shooter has to shoot at Reese Bottom for several months before I can remember a name and put it with a face. Well, yesterday, Brad came for the second time with Doug and they had put a new scope on the rifle that Brad was to shoot and Doug asked me if I cared if Britt helped Brad zero the rifle at 100 yards during the sight in period and we agreed. Turns out that Jeff is the relay ahead of Brad and I suggest to Britt to that he help get the rifle zeroed. Jeff steps away for a second and when he returns Britt and I are adjusting on his turrets{and he is a big guy]. You know and I know that if you go to a bench rest match for the first time and you catch two strangers adjusting your turrets, that would be grounds for attack. We explained, Jeff understood, and reset his numbers and commenced to kick ???? in the .223/.308 division. Thanks again Jeff. ps. when it came time for Britt to help Brad, he and Doug got him all messed up{not really} WWE

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      Welcome aboard Jeff. You shot very good for your first match. Hope to see you back next match.

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      Jeff Fish

      Mr Wynne,

      As far as my shooting is concerned, I can only say that I’ve got a great coach and tremendous helper in Brett. As for the turrets, mistakes happen and I was in total new guy mode out there. It wasn’t a big deal and I had it right back where I had before with no problem. Now if I see y’all lurking around it again…. I might be suspicious.

      I look forward to the next time and hopefully we can have a conversation about those tshirts some folks were sportin.

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