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      Richard Slaton

      I got my feet wet Saturday in more ways them one which is easy to do @ Reese Bottom
      My 1st. Bench rest match I knew going in this would be way harder then just hitting steel
      Not to say that’s easy but to put 10 shot in a tight group in the center of the target is harder!
      And time I shoot a match of any kind I always set goals and that that goal is never just to WIN.
      In my case these are realistic goals baby steps. My goals for this match is as followed
      1. Have Fun – this is always Goal 1 I Had a great time. GOAL REACHED
      2. Have ten holes in each target – meaning I shot MY target and not someone else. GOAL REACHED
      3. All scoring shots 7 or better – had two 7’s @ 400 all others shot 8 or better. GOAL REACHED
      4. All groups 1 MOA – 300= 3.109, 400= 7.594, and 500= 5.170. Close but no Cigar GOAL FAILED
      Had one shot that changed a 3.5 group to a 7.5 group @ 400
      Obstacles I faced
      1. 1st time jitters – time will hopefully cure this
      2. Never felt comfortable on the bench. I know I need a more adjustable bipod for one, I think this is just something I got to experiment with as far as gun height. I’m a work in progress
      3. I was very paranoid about shooting someone else target that I keep rechecking to make sure I was on the right “mine” that I felt rushed for time and maybe rushed my shots because of that . –Time will hopefully cure this
      4. Second guessing myself. I did this 4 time got bit in the butt with 3 of them

      Things I learned
      1. Take more sighter shots and use what you learn from them (couple of second guessing)
      2. Need to make changes to the on the bench set up – better bipod for one
      3. Put 100% in every shot or ya’ll turn a good group in to a bad group
      4. I can do this Not win but I think with a few adjustment I think I can finish better than last place

      I had a very positive/ fun day
      Biggest reward was the young man I think he came with Mr. Gilley came over and told me he really enjoyed watch me shoot my pistol had a couple of other shooter tell me the same thing.

      We have heard the phrase “if if’s and buts were candy and nuts and some look at that as excuses I don’t I like to analyze those if’s and Buts you can learn a lot from them

      Mr. Wynne ask me use this forum that nobody ever reads it so I wrote this thinking nobody would read it
      Look forward to give the midrange F class match a try next month

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      Mr. Richard there is more reading here than most think. Lol they just don’t participate very much on the forum. Anyway I’m glad you got your feet wet and had a good time as I did and always do, at Reese Bottom. You want meet a better bunch of shooters, and I learn something new at each match. This one is on myself, I couldn’t get comfortable on the bench, kept moving the rear bag which is new to me. When I got home cleaning my gun I noticed I had the rear bag backwards, turn it around it feels much better, lol

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      Wynne Echols

      Richard, your wet feet could have been avoided if some of these guys had told you to wear chest waders instead of slip ons. They will tell you a little bit about everything but not much about nothing so watch them closely. So glad you came and shot and as Kenneth mentioned above, you will quickly become more comfortable and also learn something new each time out. Tell the Mrs. that the pies were delicious. I am going to bring in a photo of your set up so that others can see what we are talking about.[click to enlarge] Thanks again, WWE

      And you Mr. Thomas can get away with the wrong end of your rest, not so with the rifle. Best I recall, your 300 yard group looked very confusing. One guy said we had to assume you shot 10, the middle was missing in the hole you made. WWE

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      Richard, I read all the post on Reese Bottom I just don’t sign in most of the time. I have seen you shoot steel and now paper, besides wet feet some of us are a little wet behind the ears shooting paper. I’ve shot more steel than paper over the years but really enjoy paper as for tight groups I’m still learning every time I shoot bench rest or F-Class. Richard I sure hope you will come back and shoot with us again.

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