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      I just want to say say thanks to whomever for putting those matches on over in Alabama. I know that it’s quite a bit of work and maintenance to do so. Alabama shooters are real lucky to have someone who cares enough to make that facility available. I sure wish we had a Wynne or a Britt over here in Central Mississippi.
      I haven’t made it yet but I will. Meeting fellow shooters is always worth a trip.
      Thanks for advancing our sport.

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      Wynne Echols

      Mr. Jim, Thank you for stopping by our forums and sure hope to meet you soon. Please be reminded that our last prone match of the year will be shot[weather permitting] on Saturday November 15, 2014. We would love for you and your wife to join us. You are the type person that us Reese Bottom fellows need around to help steer us toward better, more consistent shooting. You had mentioned to me several months ago that you dealt with an issue. We can accommodate that by pairing you with me and I will pull the pit duty by myself, leaving you on our good end of the range at all times. There is always more than one way to skin a cat. Hope to see you soon. WWE

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