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      Just want to say Thank You to you Mr Wynne and Helpers, and also to Surell and his helpers for the matches they are having. I know it takes a lot of work planning and preparing for a match. I use to be president for several years of a bow hunting club and we had monthly matches. It takes a lot of time that mostly a small group of core helpers that show up and help out. So to y’all what ever I can do to help out just let me know. I have enjoyed these matches a whole lot and learn some thing from every one. I have also picked up on a few things at Reese Bottom. Trees don’t talk and may be haints at Reese Bottom. Well I’m not really superstitious but my grand daddy talked about them a lot I’m sure just to make my brother and I cautious about things we were doing around the farm. But fi there is at Reese Bottom there are some practice jokers and they have had some laughs lately. How many times have you seen a bullet ricochet off the ground and still get a seven. Shooting through the rain at the 400 target and the six hundred and the shooting stations dry. Cramming the large pit crew into that tiny little shed with what ever else was already there. Chairs loudly crashing to the ground, some folks lost shoes. Scopes just not tracking that’s always tracked good before. Mr Wynne I have a great time and can’t wait to the October match to see what the Haints of Reese Bottom will be laughing about next.

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      Wynne Echols

      Kenneth, thanks for the kind words. I am about ready for a frost. WWE

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