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      Richard Slaton

      And 2020 come in with a bang. They say build it and they will come well Mr. Wynne did and we did 28 shooters + a unnamed match director that did not shoot and a few observers. I enjoyed seeing new to me faces, both young and old. not sure how many younger shooter we had but glad we did
      This match my plan was to try a new load a back up load to replace the somewhat Hard to find Varget
      3 targets with the new load and depending how that went the 4th could be the new load or my old load
      I had only shot the new load out to 100 yards so the 1st. long range test
      It took 10 sighter shots which is more than normal and after shooting the 1st. 3 targets I did shoot my old load on the 4th which was not any better bottom line I shoot so bad that I declared this test void LOL
      And will retest at a later date
      I’ve heard a lot about some weird things happen Sat. talk of groups for some reason relocating to lower scoring area’s bullets landing on the wrong target I’m telling you Reese Bottom has aliens and theyhit me too looking at my Target them little devils loaded my gun with Buckshot.
      Now on to the winners
      If anybody came Sat. “ready to compete” it was Steve Gilley he had er dialed in for the win in Mech.
      It was good to see Jessie Smith up on the podium as the FTF winner
      But the big winner was in open Bipod Stop right now and go to both the result and the home page and look at the pictures of Jake Smith the Bipod winner Look at the smile and excitement on that young man’s face that smile right there is why I like shooting At Reese Bottom

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      mike boykin

      Well said mr. Slaton.

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