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      Richard Slaton

      Well it felt good to be back pulling a trigger At Reece Bottom! The weather was not perfect but better than 105 in the shade. It was also nice to have new to us shooters and after they pulled off a couple of wins I feel sure they will be back. As far as my shooting I was very happy but I’m never satisfied.
      After reviewing my match data:
      On sighters I tried up 1 click and down 1 click from my normal #14 for 600 but ended up staying with #14 I did add 2 clicks of right wind age I went 50% on hitting the 10 ring with one X on each target so I feel like my scope dope was good.
      Target #1
      I had one high 10 and 1 high X 10 with center wind age hits the other 3 were low 1 in the 9 and 2 in the 7’s but somewhat center wind age. My excuse on this target I was a little iffy on my point of aim
      43 with one X 5.691 .948 MOA

      Target #2
      I had one high 10 one left 10 and one almost center X 10 one high left 9 and one center elevation but right 8. The 10 and 9 hits formed a nice 2” group with the 8 opening it up to 5.097
      Excuse it only take one shot to mess up a good group
      47 with one X 5.097 .849 MOA

      Target #3
      my best target of the day one low left 10 and one high center X 10 with 3 9’s
      Excuse none I felt good on every shot fired
      47 with one X 4.314 .719 MOA

      Target #4
      3 solid 10’s with one clipping the X ring one high left 7 and one low right 8
      Excuse well I could say the wind I could say target was flopping But NO this was 100% on me
      I took what could have been my best target and turned it in to my worst! This target is what separates the good shooter from the wonta be’s . This target is why I think this type of match will help you become a good shooter in all types of shooting. This teaches no matter how good your equipment is the person behind the trigger had to put 100% in every target and every trigger pull
      45 with one X 7.414 1.23 MOA

      Total 182 with 4 X 5.629 .938MOA really a good match for me

      This is my 3 BR match and 4th match overall at Reece Bottom I feel I like I improve every time I go mostly because of the good shooter that make up the Reece Bottom crowd
      Thank you Mr. Wynne and Doug for all that you do.
      On a side note the only reason I wrote this is because Mr. Wynne wants us to use the forum and because I like to keep a detailed match report for my own use
      Looking forward to the midrange next month

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      Richard, Good to see you back at Reese Bottom.

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