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      Steve Gilley

      Well as bad as I needed rain I sure didn’t want it all on the morning of the match! We had a tin roof over our heads, coffee, sausage off the grill, and biscuits so we made out great waiting for the rain to stop!
      I enjoyed the shoot although my gun went down after stage 2. Mr Richard and Johnny showed us a thing or two by hitting 27 out of 40 to tie for 1st place! Good shooting! I wanted the setup to be a challenge and I think it truly was! With no sighters and the various size targets set from 383 to 969 yards will test anyone’s shooting and mental abilities! Match flowed smoothly and I was more than happy with how it went! Open for any suggestions. Was it too hard? Should I shorten the distance some? Let me know.

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      Richard Slaton

      This was a fun match and it came with a whole different set of challenges from having to go back and forth multi turns on the turrets to shooting prone on an unlevel dirt pile. Win lose or draw I like a Challenge.
      I really hope to do it again

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