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      MR Wynne came up to me after the match yesterday and said Surrell we have got to get better.The only thing I can see is if I was to get any better I might win a match,don’t get me wrong I love winning but I love to shoot more than anyone will ever know and being around so many good people and good shooter’s puts me in the winners circle,every time a make it to a match and shoot with all the shooters at Reece Bottom I leave a winner.One day I may get better if so look out I might win all the money and get Britt to build me another rifle.Thanks MR Wynne for giving us a great place shoot and I will see you in the winners circle one day.

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      Well said Surrell…..Winning should always be the secondary motive in this sport. Don’t get me wrong, winning is always a confidence builder, but the fact that everyone is willing to share their thoughts and ideas to help others get better is what makes this great. Wynne posted an article about “starting somewhere” and that is true. the reality is that if you want to try something different, or get some new ideas outside of what you are currently doing, all you have to do is ask at Reese Bottom. Nobody there will make you feel dumb. Lord knows I’ve asked a lot of questions, and I have only gotten positive feedback from anyone I asked. I have had to step up to the line when my son was shooting and ran out of adjustment on his rest and help get get leveled back out. Never have I heard anyone bad mouth me for this behavior and for That I am thankful. He will very soon be self sufficient and no longer need any assistance. I too, thank Wynne for providing us with such a wonderful place to shoot and fellowship at. I look forward to seeing everyone next month.

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, great to hear from you and I am with you 100%. The winning is secondary, but I would like to get more competitive. Again, I do not mind you out shooting me, but I want you to have to shoot very well to do it. Please continue to support the chat forum. Thanks, WWE

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      Tony Graham

      You are right. It is truly a pleasure shooting with you and the rest of the Reese Bottom Crew.

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      MR Wynne I have three rifles that I would say to be very competitive that Britt built for me that I have not even fired a shot from.One day I will get time to get them set up and work up a load for until then I will keep shooting my factory rifles and hope on a good day they will shoot well.I can say one good thing about Britt he does think of his customers first and he will build just what a shooter is looking for in a rifle plus some.Mr wynne you and Britt plus other shooters have put a lot of time and money on the Reese Bottom shooting Range I see it this way if you build it they will come.Hopefully one day we will have so many people show up to shoot a match will last till dark.A big thank u to all that has went out of thier way to help.

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        Wynne Echols

        I do appreciate those kind words. Shoot ‘um Small. WWE

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