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      scott parten

      Every one of us at some point was a first time shooter. It was a good experience since we all continue to shoot. I was lucky enough to grow up in an environment that allowed me to observe and learn from two people with the same passion for shooting but for different reasons. One for hunting and the other for competition. Same methods with different goals. Simple economics at one level it was cheaper to reload your own and the other a sense of accomplishment to be able to assemble components and have a rifle or pistol shoot to the best of its capability. I am lucky enough to have a lifetime of gun safety and years of experience with basic reloading and shooting before I attended my first competitive match.
      I showed up to my first match with the basic skills, equipment, and understanding how to hit my target at a specific distance. I asked an experienced shooter what equipment I needed to bring and how the match worked. I was told what I had to bring, what I could borrow from him, and what was expected of me. I was able to win last place that first match. I continue to learn by listening and watching others.
      I said all the above to say the safety and success of a new shooter is 100% the responsibility of every other experienced shooter to coach, teach, and prepare a new shooter for their first experience whether it be hunting or that first competitive match. Someone asked that new shooter or that new shooter asked someone be a part of what we enjoy. We owe that first time shooter and every other experienced shooter at a competitive match the benefit of our skills and knowledge for that first time to be a safe and positive experience for everyone present.

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      Wynne Echols

      Scott, I am going to brag on all of the good shooters that attend the matches at Reese Bottom. I really think that everyone that shoots at Reese Bottom comes willing to share everything they have or everything that they understand about long range competitive shooting with others. It would be difficult to create a standard by which to determine when a good shooter is worthy to compete. I’m sure some before others. From watching things over the last several years at Reese Bottom, I would think a first timer should attend multiple matches just to observe. Pay special attention to the winners and see what and how they are doing things. Someone at every match can point you towards the better shooters.[most of the time] A few suggestions could be to know how to set your stuff up properly, know your rifle scope setting and how to adjust to the requirements for that match, match your ammo to the rifle so that you will be competitive, etc.

      As an example, forgive me please, but I will use John Sanders. He has been to the last three matches at Reese Bottom while he awaits the completion of his new rifle. He has come not only to observe, but is willing to help do anything that he is asked and I have no doubt that when he shows up as a first timer, he will fit right in. WWE

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      John Sanders

      Thank you for saying that Mr. Wynne. I will say that everyone at Reesebottom has been very nice and helpful. The process of getting everything I need would have been a lot slower had I not been told where to look for these items. I also have been blessed my whole life with a place to shoot and hunt. However, My uncle Richard has shown me the way to precision shooting and reloading. I will continue to learn as I go and I will not bog down the matches with my short comings. I’ve seen this in the past few matches and I know it’s frustrating for everyone. I want to be as competitive as I can be but I also want to have fun! I’ve always felt comfortable at Reese bottom since my 1st match. If I hadn’t I would not have made the investment nor took the time to come shoot. Safety first and fun second.

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      scott parten

      John, it is up to the more experienced to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable match so that you continue to come back. Not just linden where some of us call home but everywhere you go.

      You’ll do fine, just have patience and don’t be discouraged if you win last place like I did my first match…..

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