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      Wynne Echols

      I am going to go ahead and announce the first match of 2015 and I have updated the ‘Events’ page so go there to see this year’s schedule. I gathered from our little poll that the 3rd weekend works okay for most folks. The first match of 2015 at Reese Bottom will be a benchrest match held on Saturday February 21, 2015. We will begin registering at 8 am and hopefully be shooting by 9 am. Plans are to separate the rifles as we have in the past and we will also offer a hunting rifle class to see if anyone is interested. This match will be a 30 shot match for the three normal divisions. A 5 shot target at 400 yards, a 10 shot target at 400 yards, a 5 shot target at 500 yards, and a 10 shot target at 500 yards plus sight in fouler shots before all targets. I will furnish a little food and will have the coffee pot. It will be wet and nasty, so come prepared. Anyone with questions, let me hear from you. WWE

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      Mike Reekie

      I might bring my Remington 788 with its 3-9 TASCO scope in 6 mm caliber and either factory or homeloads to fire. I would have to zero it and just take some guesses at how high to hold at longer ranges. Would that be OK for “hunting” class? What might be the course of fire for the hunting class competition? It seems that there are not as many 5Rs in 308 as before, so is there still a 223 and 308 competition? I am ready to burn some powder and send something downrange. Bless you for all the time, effort, and money you put into this Reesebottom thing. I look forward to seeing the old gang and perhaps some new folks soon.

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        Wynne Echols

        Mr. Mike, good to hear from you and we hope all is well. I would love for you to shoot your gun in the hunting class. I am all about promoting shooting. The course of fire is as always. We will have a zero target at 100 yards and all shooters will us this target for a timed zero period. Once this time is complete, without touching the scope adjustments we will move to a 200 yard target and fire 4 record shots for score only. Then we will cool for a couple of minutes and again without making any adjustments, we will move to 300 yards and fire 4 record shots for score only. We will turn a regular target backwards with a red bull over the ten ring so that the shooter can hopefully see their hits and maybe adjust their hold accordingly. I only ask that rifles in this division be actual hunting(Rem BDL types) shot with a bi-pod or sand bag. The intent here is to allow people to get involved with a minimal investment. Thanks, WWE

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