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      Richard Slaton

      New here but have enjoyed the knowledge shared here. So now I have a question. I was doing a little research on the advantage of both FFP and SFP and read a statement that most BR and F Class shooter use SFP scopes. 1st. Let me say I have never shot BR or F Class so I have no experience on the matter. I understand the difference between FFP and SFP and could see were shooting known distances the FFP might not be as important as it is in the Tactical matches
      Anyway I decided to come here and hear the opinions of the shooters of Reece Bottom

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      Richard good to see you here. Now on the SFP scope you cross hairs stays the same for all powers and the FFP cross hairs get larger as you go up in power and shooting F-Class with a FFP scope the cross hairs at high power would cover the X ring and being able not to see X ring is not good on paper.

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      Richard Slaton

      Thank you Surrell for the welcome and your Reply
      I was thinking that could also be a problem but my only FFP scope is fixed power so I could not test that. I’m just trying to make sure SFP is what I won’t for the next Striker Build what will be geared more to shooting paper and small objects
      Thanks again

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      Wynne Echols

      Richard, thank you for coming to the Reese Bottom chat forum with your question and please plan to make a trip to Reese Bottom soon and meet all of the good shooters. From what all I have read about rifle scope focal plane, Surrell is spot on with his response. I have a March that I shoot in bench rest and a nightforce that I shoot in F-Class and they are both second focal plane. The March is a fine crosshair and the nightforce is a fine crosshair with hash lines. Both scopes are 8 clicks per moa. I do prefer 8 clicks to 4 clicks because as shooting becomes more competitive it is necessary to dial more exact. You mentioned a tactical discipline and I must admit that I have no experience with those type matches. There are a lot of options as far as reticle types come and I have heard shooters mention that they had decided on a reticle type that ended up being a little too much cluttered once they put it in use. Good luck with your decision. I found a little info about this on the web. It is a photo so click to enlarge. I am wondering if any of our good shooters have a first focal plane rifle scope that they could tell us about. Interesting!! WWE

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      SFP all the way!, thin cross hair and the smallest clicks you can get. The only time FFP has an advantage is for shooting unknown distances. You can range at any magnification. But as someone said earlier, when you zoom in your reticle will cover WAY too much of the target!

      PRS= FFP

      All others SFP

      Just my 2 cents

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      Richard Slaton

      Thank you Mr. Echols
      1st. Let me give all that replayed a A+ for the simple and to the point replys you backed up what I thought after doing research
      And Mr Echols after reading Benjamin’s post I realize PRS is what I meant to say not Tactical both of which I don’t shoot but PRS is what started this research. I have coworkers and friends that do
      And because no one shoots the disciplines I do so most talk is about
      PRS shooting and their equipment case in point FFP scopes. Because I am in the market for new scope for my next project I decided to look at FFP scopes but after the replays here backed up my thoughts and research and advice from others a FFP is will not fill the needs of this project. Mr Echols I fully agree on the 1\8 MOA turrets for the longer distances I have used some in the past.Right now I’m looking hard at the Sightron Siii 8x32x56 1\8 moa turrets
      Thanks sgain

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      Al Barr

      A SFP reticle can be used for ranging; but only at the designated power on variable scopes.

      I think that the previous replys were well informed and clearly presented.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      +1 for the sightron If you are a veteran or first responder they offer a 50% discount on all products. you can purchase 2 per year of each catagory

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