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      Wynne Echols

      How did you settle on the caliber of your favorite bench rest rifle. The .223 is the first rifle my dad bought for me 50 plus years ago. It was a 700 model Remington .222 that has been re chambered in .223. Lots of memories with this firearm and lots of satisfaction seeing it compete. I was actually running from recoil when I selected the 6mmBR as my benchrest rifle. A 7mm mag hit me up beside the head in the latter days of hunting and to this day I still deal with a flinch(that word could probably have it’s own topic)

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      I have had many favorite rifles early on. My favorite was always the newest one I had. I love shooting this little .223 that I had Britt build me for the F class shooting. When it comes to my favorite hunting rifle, I have a Sako 270 WSM. This is one of the finest factory guns I have ever owned. It is the lightest most accurate factory gun I have ever had and really does the trick on white tailed deer. Can’t ever imagine parting with it. I hunting with. Ruger M77 .243 for years and 30-06 Winchester, Browning 7mm Mag and a Remington 7mm STW up until I got the Sako. Maybe I went on and on and gave too much info. But I just love my guns.

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