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      Was just looking at 600 yard Benchrest results from the Colorado rifle club’s 2015 nationals. Found it interesting how many people are using 6mm in some form or another. Out of 21 shooters the following is what they were using:
      12-6 Dashers
      05- 6 Br Norma
      01- 6 Brx
      01- 6×47 Lapua
      01- 6×41 Vance
      01- 260 Rem.

      17- Nightforce
      2- March
      1- Sightron
      1- Weaver

      15- Bergers
      2- Bibbs
      1- Lapua
      1- Sierra
      1- Barts

      9- Varget
      7- RL 15
      2- H4350
      1- 4895

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      Wynne Echols

      Steve, thanks for posting. Interesting information. I have some stuff at the top of each list and I also have some not so near the top. One thing for sure, there is only so much good stuff out there. If we can get Gardner to respond, I bet you will see that the 6mm is not so popular at 1000 yards. I received an email from Tullahoma today and they are shooting 1000 yards this weekend, but not sure if they list the calibers. Thanks again, WWE

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      Sadly F-Class does not require or ALLOW an equipment list. This is true for even the F-Class National shoot. I spoke to Pat O’Conner about this a few years ago. At the time he was on the Competition Committee for the NRA. He told me that if you want to know what equipment is being use “Show up and ask the shooters”. We have not spoken since that day right after I told him he could “Kiss My Ass”.

      You must remember Steve that as a sanctioning body the NRA leaves a lot to be desired. Benchrest matches are sanctioned by there own Sanctioning body and have nothing to do with the NRA.

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      Al Barr

      Steve, my Jones built 6 Dasher is at the top of all four of the categories that you listed in your original post.

      If you were referring to intermediate F class; I’ll use my tube gun in 6.5x47L.

      The missing link in equipment is me.

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      The only surprise to me was the fact that there was only one Sightron scope. I have 3 NF scopes, and a Sightron and I like it as well as the Nightforces.

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      Good to hear from you Gunny. The AR cartoon is not far from the truth! I’ve seen so much stuff attached to some that if they had to be deployed in a crisis in would be a slow difficult process that could cost you your life!

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      Jeff Fish

      Thanks for the list! It will help make decisions easier for me in the future.

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      Mike Reekie

      It was good to see Steve’s comment about his Sightron scope. I have an 8-32 Sightron on each of my rifles and I have been happy with them, but you always wonder if someone is doing better because of superior equipment. Speaking of equipment, I am liking my new Sinclair bipod, which spreads out wide to each side and has “rocker arm” based legs. It seems easier to get back to a solid hold on you target each time.

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