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      Wynne Echols

      Below is an email that I received today from Hornady, Inc. I do not think it healthy for the forum to become political, but I do believe that everyone deserves the right to be informed. Thanks, WWE

      Contact ATF:
      Oppose 5.56 M855 Ball Ammunition Ban

      The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) unexpectedly announced that it intends to ban commonplace M855 ball ammunition as “armor piercing ammunition.” The decision continues Obama’s use of his executive authority to impose gun control restrictions and bypass Congress. Use the sample letter below to write the ATF and voice your opposition to this ban!

      ATF will accept comments on this proposal until March 16, 2015. Email or write ATF today and tell them you oppose this unnecessary, misguided and damaging ban on commonly used ammunition for America’s most popular sporting rifles. Additional information can be found at

      Fax: (202) 648-9741.
      Mail: Denise Brown, Mailstop 6N-602, Office of Regulatory Affairs, Enforcement Programs and Services, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, 99 New York Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20226: ATTN: AP Ammo Comments.

      Feel free to use or edit the following sample letter, which can be emailed or mailed to the ATF:

      Your Name
      City, ST ZIP
      Your phone number (optional)
      Your email address (optional)

      ATTN: AP Ammo Comments

      Dear Sir or Madam:

      I oppose an ATF ban on 5.56 M855 ball ammunitions.

      It has come to my attention that the ATF is seeking public input on a proposed ban on 5.56 M855 ball ammunitions. I am contacting you today, to tell you I solidly oppose this ban.

      Law-abiding American citizens have been using 5.56 ball ammunition for sporting purposes for decades, so this legislation appears to be a case of the government arriving at a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.

      Through this proposed ban, ATF disproportionately focuses on how criminals might use sporting ammunition in a handgun. Classifying criminals as a “consumer group” in the ATF’s white paper on this topic is also disturbing, as it further implies that the industry purposely sells firearms and ammunition to this element.

      I urge the ATF to permanently drop the proposed ban of 5.56 M855 ball ammunition.


      Your Name, Title

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      Al Barr

      I sent my email and I challenge you shooters to do the same. If this matter is enough of a “threat” to require “action”; I believe that elected officials should vote on it, not a bureaucracy who has shown poor judgement in the past, ie “Fast and Furious”.

      Al Barr

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