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      Richard Slaton

      I heard about this on accurate shooter but didn’t think much about of till I did a little reading on the subject. I not going to go in to all that it said if this interest you, you can research and make you own calls but the whole concept makes since to me. Back before the lockdown I had started experimenting with the way I prefouled my barrel before the match. I had planned on writing up my finding and posting on Reese bottom forum. But the lockdown kinda killed that. The last time I pulled a trigger was at our March 21 match. I did experiment twice before the lock down and this is what I saw. Normally if possible after I do a “deep clean” on my barrel I try to go shoot to prefoul the barrel before a match normally what I have seen it take about 10 shots to get the dry clean barrel “settled in” BUT a clean wet barrel the 1st. 3 shots are pretty much on the money. I have also seen after the match the barrel takes less effort to clean. Now the jury is still out on this and like I said I have only tried this twice, once using Kroil and once using Lock-ezz as the wetting agent. Just wondering what most of ya’ll do between “deep clean” and match day if anything maybe all this is over rated and not necessary. Main reason I wrote this I’ve been in lock down for a month and this morning I had two options write this or mow the yard.

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      scott parten

      I clean after a match till I get clean white patches, no carbon or copper. I finish with a patch soaked in oil then a dry patch behind it. If I shoot between matches I’ll clean again.
      I’m trying to start a match the same way every time.
      Maybe a slightly ‘damp’ barrel vs one wet or dry……….

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      Steve Gilley

      I pretty much do the same as Scott. I always deep clean just before a match and wet oil patch and 2 dry patches. I then fire 3 fouler rounds here and with the 3 or 4 sighters at the match the gun is ready.

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