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      You know guys this component or lack of components is now going on its second year. We have been given every “EXCUSE” by the Bullet and Powder manufacturers. I have heard that some are running three shifts 7 days a week and just can’t get caught up. Well I’m calling BS on that, if the powder guys were running three shifts a day seven days a week something somewhere would surely have blown up by know, don’t you think?

      So hows about some ideas of why there is still such a shortage, and when it might end. Conspiracy theorys are fine and welcomed.


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      Gotta be all about money. Supply and demand. Is it possible with the high demand for factory loaded cartridges that all the powder is going in that direction? I know 8 lbs of powder would last me quite a while and probably most others also. There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to get that much almost any time. There is also the possibility that dealers are hoarding and selling it online in another name at highly elevated prices. I know that I paid $300.00 for 8 lbs of Varget and about a month later I emailed the guy back and he was up to $350.00. Needless to say, I didn’t pay that. I figured it would be more readily available soon, boy was I wrong. If anyone knows where I can buy an 8 lb keg of Varget, I sure would like to.

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      Wynne Echols

      Shooters could help shooters if the shooter in need would go on one of these open forums and post a ‘WTB’ item and other shooters that might be aware of the product’s availability send the needy shooter a private message of the product’s where a bouts. I often see posters on another site say that so in so has such in such. It want be long until another poster says “well that lasted 5 minutes” There seems to be some stuff out there if you ask around. Hey, I bought 7 boxes of 6.5 bullets today and I do not even own a 6.5 gun. Put out some feelers on message boards, the fairies might be watching, does not cost anything.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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