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      Richard Slaton

      Well after having to miss because of a rain out then a birthday party I finally got to check shooting in an F class match off my Bucket list Saturday! My day started with pit duty which didn’t go to smooth I can tell there is a art to knowing when a bullet hits “your target “ then finding that hit I was a little scared to pull until I found the hit. Thanks to my co pit workers Doug, Surrell and Kenneth for bailing me out. I rate my pit duty as a “D” would have been an F- if not my 1st. time.
      Now for the next challenge shooting prone @ 600 yards. For the 1st. time. 1st. sighter was little high and right producing what would be my only 8 of the day. I came down 1 click and left 1 click which produce a 9 for my next shot my 3rd. shot without making any more changes produce a 10. I decided to stay with those setting and see how it played out. 1st. 5 shots for score 10,10,X,10,X which provide a little over confidence and lack of concentration which resulted in 3 9’s a 10 and another 9 1st. 10 shots 96 with 2 X. Which I was real happy with. The second string of ten I did a little experimenting with dealing with mirage and wind which didn’t go so well and produced what would be my worst 10 shot string of the day 94 and 1 X putting my 1st. relay @ 190 and 3 X.
      Relay 2: I decide to go back to my original game plan and not over think the conditions and go with the flow. Which produced a 194 with 7 X (big smile on my face)?
      3rd. relay: after getting home and reviewing my score card I found a mistake on the 1st. ten shots I had it @ 98 with 2x but that should have been 97 with 2x I felt really bad about this even though it would not change the outcome. So final relay 194 5X (not 195 5X). For a 578 15X happy camper
      My goals for the match
      Have fun check
      No 8’s for score check
      Above 560 check
      Learn something check
      and I now have a Reese Bottom button and Tee shirt !!!!
      Again thank you Mr. Wynne for what you do and letting my enjoy Reese Bottom
      And thinks to the shooter of Reese Bottom (and Gabriel Creek) for your support and help
      And to the one’s that stayed home and watch the royal wedding what was you thinking

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      It was a fun hot day Richard and you shot well. Next you should try the 1000 yard F-Class at Bar 3, it’s a hole new level and so much fun. We might be able to talk Mr. Wynne in to letting us shoot a 1000 at Reese Bottom just for fun. I did got all my ammo loaded back and noticed some pressure signs on my brass I may have let some cook in the chamber a little to long while waiting on the wind to die down a couple shots.

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