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      Wynne Echols

      I was involved in a conversation tonight and a good shooter suggested that caffeine intake before a match is known to be hazardous to good shooting. Question: Do any of you good shooters that are coffee drinkers think that a few early morning cups hurt your performance? Just asking!!! WWE

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      brett collins

      MR ECHOLS i live on coke. a coke and a smoke gets my day started. i know should give up the cigarettes but never will i let go of my coca cola!

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      I’m like you Brett. Coffee in the morning and cokes by 9am or I get the shakes. I think the caffeine or maybe the sugar helps me!

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      I have done a small amount of competitive pistol shooting offhand with no help from a bench and too much or too little caffeine has been blamed for a lot of stray shots.Probably depends on what your body is used to.

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      Daryl White

      I feel certain it is detrimental to a higher score! It is also one compromise I’m not willing to make!

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      Al Barr

      If you deviate from your daily routine on match day; I believe you would do worse, not better.

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      I agree with all the above comments. I think if you change your routine of caffeine intake, it would probably affect you more than keeping your daily routine. But hey, what the heck do I know, I need to try something different.

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      Just do what I do hide what you are drinking so you have people thinking what has he started early on the Bud Lite and no all I drink is Diet Dr pepper with caffeine about 5 or 6 before I even get there and always got one in my hand all day long shooting or working.Just do what you do if you think it helps just keep on with it if you are shooting like I do nothing helps……

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      Jeff Fish

      I have had an unfortunate addiction to the beverage below for years. I started drinking them at least 8 years ago and haven’t stopped since. Those and tea are my caffeine vices but I can knock back some sodas too. I think for me personally, I’m not on my game if I haven’t had my energy drinks. So looks like I am among the majority on not giving up the caffeine before a shoot. Which is good……even playing field. 😁

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