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      Wynne Echols

      I was done and fixing to log off but I went back and looked at all the photos. Nice looking bunch of guys but what caught my attention was that so many were waving $$$$$. Ya’ll will appreciate this but right at the end this afternoon, Reese Bottom was hit by a computer virus and the financial manager forgot to cut the pot therefore all winners were awarded preferred stock dividends. lol Let’s just go ahead and say that Richard, Ed, Michael, and Wynne all shared the ‘BAD HAIR DAY AWARD’ Hope to see many of you next month. Until then, remember the computer rewards those that shoot small. WWE

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      Richard Slaton

      Mr. Wynne I guess I now know why all of a sudden you told me to bring you the rest of the money LOL
      Rule #1 allows skim the cream off the top before you give the peasants what’s left
      I’m also glade to see you do have a sense of humor

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